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Environmental Variability And Extremes Laboratory

My research is focused on understanding the linkages between climate, hydrology and geomorphology in permafrost and other landscapes. This research is driven by the need to understand how terrestrial landscapes are sensitive to climate variability and resource development. Research work within my Environmental Variability and Extremes (EVEX) Laboratory has focused on a number of related themes: contemporary fluxes of sediment and particulate organic carbon in the streams; climatic controls over streamflow and sediment transport; the impact of rainfall on catchment processes; sedimentary processes in lakes; varved lake sediments as records of past hydroclimate and landscape disturbance; aquatic ecosystem linkages and subfossil indicators of past ecological change and long term sediment transport dynamics.

Field research is directed at linking the weather and river processes with sediment delivery and deposition in lakes and coastal marine settings in order to interpret and calibrate long sedimentary record, annually laminated (varved) sedimentary records. Laboratory research is carried out to identify the characteristics of the sedimentary structures through the use of detailed sedimentology, geochemistry and related measurements.

Research is currently being carried out in the Canadian High Arctic Islands, as well as adjacent to the Arctic and northern Pacific coasts to assess the relationship between hydrometeorological events and decadal-scale climate variations. Work in the immediate future will also take place in Alaska and northern Ontario.


Scott Lamoureux

Associate Professor
Dept. of Geography, Queen's University
Room: D126 Mackintosh-Corry Hall
Kingston, ON, CA, K7L 3N6
Phone: 613.533.6033 Fax: 613.533.6122
Email: Scott.Lamoureux@queensu.ca