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Alexandra Pedersen (Ph.D. Candidate)
Office: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D316
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 75941



Born and raised in rural Hamilton, Ontario, I always set my sights far beyond the farmland I sprouted from. After attending the University of Guelph (2005-2009) for my BA (Honours) in International Development I realized my thirst for knowledge was barely quenched.

I completed my MA at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) (2011) under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Nolin (Associate Professor of Geography, UNBC). My MA thesis, Amplifying Voices of Development: Insights from Indigenous Maya Leaders of El Quiché, Guatemala, provided the foundation for my research at Queen’s University.

For my doctoral dissertation, I attempt to understand the lived-experiences of communities at the ground-level of development. Employing feminist and activist methodologies, my dissertation provides a framework for spatial analysis of community resistance and extractive companies operating transnationally in the Global South. My dissertation, Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Company Operations in Guatemala, documents human rights abuses attributed by Canadian corporations and the struggles communities face when they resist forms of extractive resource and economic development.

Co-supervised by Drs. W. George Lovell (Professor of Geography at Queen’s) and Catherine Nolin, I am in the writing stages of my doctorate.

Research And Teaching Interests

Areas if Specialization: Resource and development geographies, progressive methodologies, qualitative research methods, postdevelopment theory, Guatemala, Canadian extractive industries
Areas of Competence: Human rights, social justice, environmental justice, economic geography

Recent Awards

2014-2015 Ontario Graduate Scholarship 
2014 Department of Geography Exceptional Merit Award 
2014 Student Paper Award, Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG)
2013-2014 R.S. McLaughlin Award, Queen’s University


Refereed Journal Articles

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2014). “Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Operations in Guatemala.”  Journal of Latin American Geography. Vol. 13(1): 187-214.

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2014). “Power, Violence and Mining in Guatemala: Non-Violent Resistance to Canada’s Northern Shadow.” ReVista, Harvard Review of Latin America, Cambridge, Vol. XIII (2): 58-61.

Book Reviews

Pedersen, Alexandra. (Forthcoming). “Book Review: Issues in Social Justice: Citizenship and Transnational Struggles.” The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe Canadien. Vol. 59(3).

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2014). “Book Review: Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce Among the Q’eqchi’ Maya Lowlanders.” Journal of International Development, Vol. 26 (4): 565-566.

Non-Refereed Publications

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2014). [Reprint] “Power, Violence and Mining in Guatemala: Non-Violent Resistance to Canada’s Northern Shadow.” Upside Down World, Online. Available from: http://www.upsidedownworld.org/main/news-briefs-archives-68/4672-power-violence-and-mining-in-guatemala-non-violent-resistance-to-canadas-northern-shadow-.

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2013).Guatemala: La Puya’s Celebration of Life, Peace, and Defense of the Earth. Upside Down World, Online.Available from: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/guatemala-archives-33/4377-guatemala-la-puyas-celebration-of-life-peace-and-defense-of-the-earth.

Pedersen, Alexandra. (2013). “Protests Spark Righteous Anger.”  The Journal, Queen’s University. Tuesday January 15, 2013, p. 7. Available from: http://queensjournal.ca/story/2013-01-15/opinions/protests-spark-righteous-anger/.

Professional highlights

Department of Global Development Studies. (2014). News and Events: Finding Inspiration in Bleak Times: Development Studies Student Perspectives (featuring Alexandra Pedersen). Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada. Available from: http://www.queensu.ca/devs/newsevents/FindingInspiration.html.

Mountney, Emily. (2014). Eye-Opening Research:Guatemalan Mining Event. (Article featuring Keynote Lecture by Alexandra Pedersen). The Intelligencer, Belleville. Available from: http://eedition.intelligencer.ca/epaper/viewer.aspx.

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