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Undergraduate Studies

While B.A. and B.Sc. students are able to focus the vast majority of their courses in areas of interest to them, all Geography undergraduates are expected to have a breadth of education that encompasses scientific, social scientific (or humanities) education and technical skills. There is, of course, considerable choice in all of these areas. For details on the requirements of our B.A. and B.Sc. plans visit the Faculty of Arts & Science (Degree Plans) web page.

  Additional information for students who wish to pursue a Certificate in GIS

Program Assessment Forms - 2015/2016

Forms for our Geography (GPHY) program and Certificate in Geographic Information Science are available for download. These forms list the current program requirements and can be used to plan your courses and determine if you are meeting all requirements. It is recommended that you complete a form before visiting an advisor. You should also view your Academic Advisement Report on Solus (see below for more information).

Geography (GPHY):  
  Minor (Arts): GPHY-Y  
  Minor (Science): GPHY-Z
  General (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts: GPHY-G-BA  
  General (Science) - Bachelor of Science: GPHY-G-BSC  
  Major (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours): GPHY-M-BAH
  Major (Science) - Bachelor of Science (Honours): GPHY-M-BSH
  Medial (Arts) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours): GPHY[----]-A or [----]GPHY-A
  Certificate in Geographic Information Science  
  Academic Advisement Reports (AAR)  

Courses 2015-2016

To view current Geography course offerings, click the heading for each area of study:

Physical Geography
Human Geography
Techniques, Research Methods, and Geographic Information Science

Calculator Policy

The CASIO 991 model is pre-approved for courses in Geography (available at the Campus Bookstore for approximately $25).

However, there are two alternatives. These are:

1. Calculators with a Blue Commerce approval sticker.
2. Calculators with a Gold Applied Science approval sticker.

Sorry, No exceptions.

Grading Policy

24 November 2011

“The Geography Department has adopted a mixed marking method to evaluate student assignments and exams.  This means that instructors will assign letter grades for all essays and essay-based exams and assignments and numeric grades for exams and assignments based on short answer questions, multiple choice, true or false, etc., where letter grades are impractical.”

Physical Human TRM-GISC Regional IDIS