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Undergraduate Studies

Human Geography

IMPORTANT!  The Syllabus Outlines are posted to give students a sense of the courses that  we offer. Posted information about specific aspects of the course content, organization, evaluation and readings are subject to change. They are not to be interpreted as the final or complete course information.  For the most up to date course information, please consult the Arts and Science Course Calendar http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/sites/default/files/Courses.pdf or the course instructor.

GPHY 101: Human Geography
GPHY 227: Cities: Geography, Planning and Urban Life
GPHY 228: Geographies of the Global Political Economy
GPHY 229: Place, Space Culture, and Social Life
GPHY 254: The Caribbean in a Globalizing World
GPHY 257: The Geography of Middle America
IDIS 302: ‘Race’ and Racism
GPHY 325: Maps and Society
GPHY 327: The Geographical Imagination
GPHY 337: Regional Development Theory and Policy
GPHY 338: Urban Political Geography
GPHY 339: Medical Geography
GPHY 351: Aboriginal Geographies of Canada
GPHY 362: Human Migration
GPHY 401: Social geography seminar – Justice, care, and civic life
GPHY 402: Geography of Sustainable Food Systems
GPHY 403: Honours Seminar in Human Geography III